My heart remains tied to the sea, wherever I live. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
  • Watching “Trollhunter” on Netflix. #bmovie #saturday

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  • Going Out

    Tonight is Blowpony, a monthly dance party here in Portland, and one that Ray has managed to get me to go to a number of times.

    I’m dressed in comfy go-out clothes, prepared to sweat it out on the dance floor. I took a nice, long disco nap, made a little sneaky roadie beverage to pregame the night, and I’m not working until late in the day tomorrow.

    My inner party boy is giggling. Totally.

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  • Yesterday was nothing but adventure. From donuts and coffee for breakfast, to lunch at one of the most Portland-like sandwich shops ever, to exploring Mt. St. Helen, to overdosing on sugar and frozen yogurt, to dancing into the darkest hours of the night to BT, our Saturday was quite possibly actually epic.

    This is our new life. Going, doing, being, as earnestly and honestly as possible.

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  • Saturday’s Schedule

    1. Wake up before Ray and his roommate get up and sneak to the market for breakfast supplies.
    - Greek scramble with eggs, feta, olives, mushrooms, and spinach. Orange juice (with lots of pulp), and fresh croissants with chocolate sauce over the top.

    2. (Weather permitting) A hike around Mt. Tabor at noon, with a bit of snacks for a picnic. If it rains: lazy morning/early afternoon movie.

    3. Disco nap around 3/4p. Cuddles included.

    4. Double-date bowling with a colleague of mine and her new man-friend at 6p-ish. Beer, bowling, general goofiness.

    5. Dance parties in town: Blowpony and Lumbertwink. Because he said, “I want to dance with you.”


    It all started as a day to be lazy that’s turned into a day of awesome and adventure! I cannot wait!

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  • Tonight

    A friendly visit with a car geek pal.
    The fellas.
    A fire.


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  • I wasn’t kidding.  Favorite pink hoodie, fuzzy fleece blanket, chamomile tea, pajamas.  And I think I’m gonna watch Nightmare Before Christmas.  Come join me!

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  • Saturday Done Right

    It is tea time.  And I need to watch a show or something online.  Been out and about all day and I’m read to snuggle up under the covers and chill the eff out.

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  • I took off to Evergreen today for lunch. Not because I had to, but just for a little break from this heat. It’s not terrible out. Just very, very warm and very, very dry. Up there, the temperature was 74F. And the roadside picnic I had was delicious.

    I then met up with Brad for an ice cream. He is a fellow I ran into about a month ago at the Eagle. It’s only been in the last couple of weeks that we’ve connected.

    Today, he told me that he liked me. I returned the kindness and gave him a kiss. I gotta say, it was a good one! He tasted like the ice cream he’d had, with a little saltiness from the light sweat on his upper lip. Very delicious.

    I’m curious to see how our connection pans out.

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  • Allison
  • "

    I’m TD squared.

    (too drunk to drive)

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  • Eagle

    The boy is getting bound.

    It’s beyond hot.

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  • Tonight

    Otter boys.
    Lights, smoke, music.


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  • Today

    1. Wrote five pages.
    2. Met up with Justin at the botanic gardens.
    3. Lounged in a park with Justin, celebrating PDA Saturday.
    4. Went swimming (!!!)

    Best Saturday in a long time.

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  • Five pages of raw writing today.  Thoughts swirl, and the sun is beckoning me out.  Laptop in tow, in case I get the urge, but I need the fresh air.  I need a break from me for a while.

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